Pets are adorable and very cute. We love them and treat them as family, but that doesn’t mean that potential buyers want to see pets (or any trace of them) when looking at a home they’re thinking of buying.

Let’s face it! No matter what how we love pets, there are other people who don’t like to be around them. We couldn’t guess if you’re buyer likes them so it’s better not to show them during showings. If you don’t want your house to be known as “that Pet house”, you need to pet-proof your place when preparing and showing it for sale. The following are the simple steps to guide you with this preparation.

Have A Pet Odor Free Environment

Removing the odors of your pets all around the house is one of the biggest challenges by far. It’s easy to clean their mess and their toys but it’s way harder to erase years of urine spots and odors from rugs.

If all of these odors still remains even after extensive cleaning, you might have to hire a professional service to clean carpets or rugs. Or you may go ahead and buy new carpets and rugs to establish a newer ambience in your place.

Clean Up Hair Residues

As we all know, our pets are blessed with fluffy hair that sticks to carpets, rugs, and any other garments in your house. Pet hair on floors and sofas does not only make your home look chaotic, but it can also trigger different kinds allergies to potential buyers who are very sensitive. So we need to make sure that buyers should be sneeze and wheeze proof the moment they enter the door.

To make sure that these pet hairs will not intervene your selling, before each showing, always remember to clean and vacuum the whole house, including all with garments like carpets, sofa, rugs to remove any settled hair or dander. You may do these as often as possible, say thrice a week, to make sure that these pet hair won’t be a bothersome during showings. Also consider to bath your pets regularly and groom them by brushing their hair outside your house while you are in the process of selling, especially if your pets shed a lot. In this way, it can minimize the shedding. The less shedding, the less you need to clean your carpets.

Hide Pet evidence

Make sure that during showings, all your pet toys must be hidden in a place that can’t be seen by the potential buyers. Don’t leave them lay around the living room or outside the house. Give a nice and clean impression to your buyers. Make sure to tidy your house in any way before every showing. A clean house and a tidy place makes a big plus in selling your property fast in the market.

Clean the Yard

The inside of the house is not the only place that buyers are seeing when they are interested in buying a house. Of course, the yard is as important as the living room. Make sure that the yard is clean and doesn’t have any pet poop residue. Make sure that your yard is pleasing to the eyes and looks inviting to attract potential buyers to welcome themselves inside the house for a further house tour.

Isolate your pets in the meantime

If you are used to have your pets inside the house to play or to cuddle with them, it is best to isolate them in the meantime while you are in the process of selling your house. You may put them in a different house or have a professional pet house take care of them while you get buyers visit your place on site. However, if you decide to leave your pets in your house since you can’t afford to be apart with them even in just a few hours, you may be able to do this. All you need to do is to confine them in a special area of the house where they stay hidden from buyers. This will also avoid potential pet accidents wherein pets attack people they don’t know, as we all know, pets are very territorial. Keep them busy with food, toys and other interactive activities and long lasting treats that they can’t say no to. Make sure that your real estate agent also knows where you keep your pets so that they can avoid going to that area during showings.