In order for you to sell your home fast and to make it more inviting to potential buyers that it should be, you need to make sure that your house is pleasing to their eyes. Selling a home is not all about just the contract. Before you make it to the contract, you will need to show your house and make the best presentation for buyers to actually become interested to even take a look at it.

Here are the things that you need to do to sell your Home.

Evaluate the House in General

In order to know which one needs to be done first, you need to evaluate your house and double check each room and space. Make a list of all the things that you need to do and set a schedule of each for cleaning. Inside the house, the obvious parts need to be checked. All things that needs replacement, make sure to replace them as needed example: fence, light bulb, broken doors and door knobs, broken appliances, carpets, rugs and the likes. To make it easier, here are the things that needs to be done:


  • Declutter your bedroom and put away the things that you don’t need.
  • Make a box for donations
  • Make sure to put your best linens in your bed and have nice curtains that allows natural light pass through. And make your bed daily.
  • Organize closet to be nice, neat and presentable.
  • Keep closet door close, vacuum regularly.
  • Make sure to have nice wall decors, if not, remove wall decors and clean the walls as well as repair any damages and holes on the walls.

Living Room

  • Maximize the space – arrange the furniture in a way that it allows more space.
  • Clean the couch, carpet and rugs
  • Declutter CDs, Books and other newspapers and magazines
  • Remove all toys, ashtray and all the other unnecessary things in the room.
  • Use pillows and throws to soften the space.


  • Clean the bathroom! Make sure to remove all stains and slimy residue. Clean and clear all surface from molds and mildew.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the tiles and the bath tub if purchasing expensive detergent won’t fit your budget.
  • Put new towels and linens in one or two colors.
  • Make sure to put bottle of soap or a bar of hand soap just like what you see in the hotels.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter
  • Replace or clean shower curtains
  • Organize cabinets, hide trash bins
  • Make sure to have extra supplies of toilet paper.


  • Put all your Laundry away. As much as possible, do not let buyers see your laundry during showing.
  • Keep all surfaces and sink clean and empty
  • Use led bulbs to make it look brighter
  • Put soaps and supplies in the cupboards.
  • Make sure to maximize the space and minimize the furniture.
  • If you have chandeliers, make sure to make it at at 60” from the floor.
  • Remove all other things in the dining table except for a one nice centerpiece.
  • Remove extra chairs. Tables must seat 4-6 chairs maximum.
  • Just like the bathroom, the kitchen also needs to be clean and must look attractive to the eyes of the buyers. You need to make sure to clean and clear the surface from all kinds of dirt and mildew.
  • Clear all items from countertop.
  • Clean all tile grout
  • Clean all the appliances like the stove, microwave, refrigerator and oven. Make sure that they are functional.
  • Empty the garbage before each showing




  • Clean the garage, make it free from dust and oil stains.
  • Keep storage arranged, nice and clean
  • Repaint it if needed


  • Make sure to have your lawn trimmed. Remove all weeds in your yard. Keep the lawn freshly mowed.
  • Remove any dead plants.
  • If you have pets, make sure to clean the yard and remove all evidence of pets and their pet poop.
  • Remove Plants and shrubs near the windows.
  • Add a touch of colorful flowers if needed


  • Compare and evaluate your house with that of your neighbors. Make sure to take note all the things that needs to be replaced and add things that needs to be added if necessary.
  • Clean and repaint the roof and front door if needed.
  • Replace any broken or rotten roof or fence.
  • Pressure wash any dirt or stained concrete
  • Use outdoor furniture to show use of space and you can also use outdoor drapes, pillows and throws to create an inviting retreat effect