This is your chance to win

a Stainless BBQ Grill!

Who wants to win a Stainless BBQ Grill? The mechanics of winning this item is very simple!

Every client who has worked with me has a chance to win the prize! All you need to do to join the raffle is to write a testimonial or review on our Facebook,, Zillow, and Yelp.

Those who post on multiple sites have multiple entries! If you have already written a testimonial, you are automatically qualified and your chances will increase if you will write additional testimonial on other social media sites mentioned above!

See how to write a testimonial on the various sites below. The deadline is January 30, 2018 and the drawing will be made at the next day, January 31st! Good luck! 

Steps to submit Yelp Testimonial:

  1. Navigate to (Yelp app required on IOS & Android phones)

  2. Type ‘Paula Flagg Homes’ into the search bar

  3. Select my profile

  4. Click on ‘Write a Review’

  5. Select the number of stars, and write the review.

  6. Submit

Steps to submit a Zillow Testimonial:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on ‘Agent Finder’ at the top of the screen

  3. Search ‘Paula Flagg’

  4. On my profile page, click on ‘Write a Review’

  5. Select the number of stars, write the review.

  6. Submit

Steps to submit a Testimonial:

  1. Go

  2. Click on Find Realtors link at top of the screen

  3. Put Paula Flagg in the “Name” box and click Search

  4. When Paula Flagg’s profile pops up, click on her name

  5. On her profile page click on “Write a review”

  6. Follow the steps to review

Steps to submit a Facebook Testimonial:

  1. Go to (you must have a Facebook account to be able to give a review)

  2. Search Paula Flagg Homes in the search bar

  3. Once you are on her business page, click on Reviews on the left side panel

  4. Click the gray stars to choose a rating. A box will appear where you can write a review.

  5. Click to select your audience at the bottom of the box. Or just leave it as Public.

  6. Click Done.


Good Luck and All the Best!