WIN A Pair of PREMIUM Tickets to See HAMILTON Live at The Kennedy Center!



Why is HAMILTON the HOTTEST Show in Town?

The play received the most Tony nominations ever
It’s a box office smash of epic proportions
Hamilton is a cutting-edge musical
You’ll not only be entertained, but educated
The Kennedy Center is the perfect venue to host the play
This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Hamilton fever has been sweeping the nation


Here’s How to Win! It’s very simple!

Every  has a chance to win the prize! All you need to do is write a testimonial or review on our Facebook,, Zillow, and Yelp profiles.

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See how to write a testimonial on the various sites below.

Steps to submit Yelp Testimonial:

  1. Go to

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  4. Submit

Steps to submit a Zillow Testimonial:

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Steps to submit a Testimonial:

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Steps to submit a Facebook Testimonial:

  1. Go to (you must have a Facebook account to be able to give a review)

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  4. Click to select your audience at the bottom of the box. Or just leave it as Public.

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Good Luck and All the Best!